Indonesian Ways of Diet

If you have ever been to Indonesia, you will hardly find an obese or even a fat Indonesian, especially in the villages. They might not have a solid posture or a well-shaped body, but you will realize they are not sluggish or overweight. You may have many definitions about being healthy, but I believe Indonesians are much way healthier than most people in modern countries.

Forget the people in Jakarta or any big cities in Indonesia who have a lot of pleasure to enjoy McDonalds. I will tell you about villagers who live a healthy life naturally without hovering to live a healthy life. These people have many tips for you who try to do a strict diet every morning but ended up munching double cheese burgers and a bottle of coke at the end of the day.

  1. Be Poor and Eat Tempeh

Most Indonesian works as a farmer or a labor. They are—likely as most people in developed countries—paid low and underrated, some of the farmers even only get 500,000 rupiah per month or equals to $45. How can they keep up their living? That is a mystery. However, with that amount of wage they are naturally avoiding any kind of meat for their groceries shopping.

They will eat white rice they planted, and they will eat any kind of vegetables they have in their garden. So how they got their protein? Here is the key, they eat ‘tempeh’. When I studied abroad I just realized that tempeh is considered as a probiotic diet menu. It has an equal nutrition as meat and easy to cook. Nevertheless, I never expect the price of tempeh will be a bit expensive outside Indonesia. While in Indonesia I only need approximately 50 cents to get it.

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So, you will have everything you need for balanced nutrition in your daily menu. Well, sometimes they eat chicken when they think they can, but you will rarely see it. They don’t need three meals time as any normal people, they only need two, in an early afternoon, and in a night before they sleep. You don’t need to ask them to reduce their meals, they will voluntarily do it, or rather, it is because that’s all they got.

2. Drink Tea

Research shows that drinking a tea benefits you more than drinking a beer. If you ever drink English tea or Chinese tea, then Indonesian tea has a wilder taste and it is very unique. I guarantee you it tastes heavenly and bring the calmness to your heart. Drink it in the morning with no sugar and look at how the sun loves Indonesia, it stays there for 365 days. You will feel much more energized to live your day, you will feel healthier and stronger. Beside coffee, tea is the most common drink in any village or house in Indonesia. You don’t need to go to café or restaurant to enjoy this, it is available everywhere in Indonesia.

 3. Smoke Cigarettes

Lastly, the cigarettes. I am not a smoker in a first place, but I have to say that smoking keeps Indonesian underweight and stay in their shape. How come? While everyone is accusing smoke as resource of any kind of disease, in Indonesia it stays as a joyful activity. First thing is, Indonesian tobacco is different, it is combined with cloves to produce a distinguished taste of cigarettes. Second, Indonesian smokers are never affected by any anti-smoking campaign. If you say it is related to health, you will find 90-years old man who is puffing a smoke in any village (well, there are a lot of dying cases caused by smoking too anyway). If you say it is related to economic things, they don’t care, they will stay as they are now whether they smoke or not. One of my acquaintance is smoking and then stop and smoke again. I asked him why, and he said. “When I stopped smoking, I gained weight. And I thought there are more death caused by obesity than lung cancer.”

Now, if you think you are suitable for this kind of diet, please do. I guarantee you will have a slimmer and stronger body. If you think this article is rubbish please just let me write it anyway. Stay happy and stay Indonesian.

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